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The Konsept Party Band has captured the public's attention since they first arrived on the music scene  in 2011. This 7-piece band make a lasting impression, their soulful renditions of classics from Motown Era up to the present R&B, Funk, Old School, Latin, guaranteed to keep the crowd happy on any occasion So, "Don't hesitate to make your next party  a Konsept Party Band Party!!


The Konsept's passion and love for music has been the key to their success over the years.  The Konsept Party Band members have a very strong desire to play music and perform. Their goal is to provide fun,  and professional musical entertainment to all audience and genders. "We love what we do and it shows in our performances" This Band Brings high energy with every performance, smooth and soulful multi harmonies with each musician bringing out the best sound from their instruments, to satisfy the audience to the mood of the music. The KPB will make sure you, and your guest have a wonderful party experience!  Each member has more the 30 years of experience. The Konsept Party Band performs recognizable music/songs clients and fans states: "The Konsept Party Band sound is much like the original artist, but with a style of their own."

Odys Burns

Lead guitar founder, and Musical Director of The KPB

Lead guitar & background vocals, Odys is known as being one of the baddist guitarist in the bay area. Odys has performed at the Golden State Warriors games, and performed with En Vogue the R&B female vocal group, percussionist Ren'e Escovedo in the Curtis Mayfield Superfly Tribute show, also with musical director & producer James Earley, now he's performing with Danny Thomas, and Eric Eq Young, the original members of Con Funk Shun. And many more great artist. The man can really make his guitar talk!! Catch a live performance and see for yourself!! If you love funk in your ear, he's sure to bring it!!..

Collette Burns

Band Leader and Lead Vocalist:

Collette has shared the stage with recording artist Vesta Williams, Trace Ellington, of the Duke Ellington Family. Collette is experienced in studio sessions. She has worked with recording artist such as: Brown Mark, and performed with Mallia Franklin from the Funkadelics. Collette has also performed in Motown shows & other great events. Collette has performed awesome performances as Gladys Knight, and 

Aretha Franklin. Come and join the Talented Konsept Party Band and enjoy the ongoing tribute performances of The Queen Of Soul.



Tim Sanchez


 Has performed with great local bands in the bay area. Tim plays his bass and delivers the sound much like the original artist. He's very skilled at what he does on the bass, and we love having him with The Konsept Party Band.  




Lead & Background Vocals

Lead and background vocals. Emby is known on stage because of his soulful and jazzy sounds he plays on his keyboards, and he plays very close to the originals as well.  Emby has mastered his knowledge as being a great musical director.   


 Dana Withers

Lead & Background Vocals

Lead and background vocals, Dana has performed throughout the bay area with great local bands, Dana and Odys has performed together at the Golden State Warriors games. Dana also loves to interact with the crowd, he brings a lot of fun throughout The KPB shows, and It’s a pleasure to have him!


KENNETH ON DRUMS  @ the Flamingo Jan 4,


Kenneth Kumbia Crosby.

Kenneth Kumbia,  is one of the baddest! funkiest! drummers in the bay area! He really has chops! Ken has performed with many local bands. He keeps the beat rockin! You'll be amaze at what you'll hear coming from his drums! See and hear for yourself! You will know who he is, when you hear the beats!!

 Lead & Background Vocals Jonathan

Lead and background vocals,  Jonathan energy reflects throughout the room, why? because he has a voice that commands attention! Jonathan has very strong vocals that makes any song he sings enjoyable to hear! Harmonizing, vocal ranges he has it all down while he plays his precussions!

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